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Commissioner Patrick Uanseru, along with government officials including the Permanent Secretary Barr. Mrs Abieyuwa Oyemwense and Directors of the Ministry of Business, Trade, and Cooperatives, held a crucial meeting with the “Grassroot Farmers Association in the Niger Delta”.

The primary aim was to encourage the formation of a cooperative society among the farmers to boost agricultural development and empower them, thereby gaining increased support from the Edo State Government.

Commissioner Uanseru stressed the importance of unity and collaboration among the grassroots farmers, highlighting that a cooperative society would not only grant them access to government support but also serve as a platform for knowledge sharing and capacity building.

The government officials echoed these sentiments, underlining the government’s commitment to the development of the agricultural sector in Edo State.

Following Commissioner Uanseru’s address, Director of Cooperatives Efeomo Enoma provided comprehensive guidance on the registration and operational procedures for a cooperative society. He emphasized that such a society would not only facilitate government support but also allow for resource pooling, knowledge exchange, and collective problem-solving among farmers in the the state.

The meeting concluded with a commitment from both government officials and the Grassroot Farmers Association to work closely together to establish a cooperative society.

This collaborative effort is expected to significantly contribute to the economic development of Edo State and enhance the well-being of rural communities.

Furthermore, it was emphasized that the Edo State Governor is fully dedicated to realizing his MEGA (Making Edo Great Again) Agenda, which includes strong support for the agricultural sector and the welfare of farmers in the state.

Commissioner Patrick Uanseru reiterated the Governor’s commitment to empowering and prospering Edo State citizens, particularly in the agricultural sector. The Governor’s promise to support farmers through various initiatives underscores his determination to make Edo State a prominent agricultural hub in the region.

This commitment, combined with the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders, sets the stage for substantial progress in the agricultural sector and the realization of the MEGA Agenda.

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